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It requires a lot of confidence to open up to others and to address the problems. But dementia in one form or another can affect everyone, and the sooner you recognize that, the better for those affected and for the caring relatives.


We came up with the idea that we are dealing with dementia and their relatives every day.

In the day-to-day work, one can only see which burdens the caring relatives are exposed to. In spite of all love, this often goes to the substance.

Our boss said then, one would have to do something. And so the project "Frida" was created.
FRIDA employees are voluntary carers, the relatives of dementia sufferers

- Allow breaks and
- Discharge.

The FRIDA employees are trained according to their assignments and participate in monthly meetings with advanced training.

For their assignments, they receive only a cost reduction.
FRIDA comes and ...

- Reads, accompanies walks,
- plays, tinkles, paints, sings with them
- tells or listens or is simply there,

so that you are not alone.

We work according to the Integrative Validation, make biography work and memory training.

Afternoon supervision daily between 2 pm and 5 pm in the FRIDA house.
Individual care at your home as required.
Naturally, we also offer preventive care. We are happy to help.
In order to cover costs and to compensate for expenses for volunteers, we charge the following amounts:

- Group support = 8,- €/h
- Individual support = 11,- €/h
- pick-up and drop-off service = by arrangement
(As at July 2017)

The costs are usually taken over by your nursing home. We are happy to help.

There is a private wheelchair.

Daily from Monday to Friday between 14:00 and 17:00 hours of dementia.
Call us and ask for vacancies!

Course "Mentors for dementia patients" on request

Pre-registration required.

Hövelmanns Achterhus 2020Should you have any further questions or are interested in our work, please call us or visit us at Hövelmanns-Achterhus, Splitting rechts 12a in Papenburg.